Well hi there!

How are you?

It’s been a while since I did a Sunday check in huh?

In fact the last one I wrote before I decided that my life was so dull I couldn’t bear to write about it anymore was back in March. It contained the exciting news that I had a cold, went for a run and switched my electricity supplier.

But, by popular demand (2 people counts as popular demand, right?), This Week I is back, so, without further ado, This Week I…..

Made a really tasty lunch

There is a reason for including this in my round up. When I read my last This Week I it also contained me whining about having prepped disgusting lunch with giant cous cous that solidified into a gelatinous block and bland smoked tofu, which I then ate for 4 days because I hate wasting food.

So I thought I’d start by proving that my meal prep skills aren’t always that rubbish and that this week I made wholemeal pasta and pesto, tomatos and basil, avocado and vegetarian meatballs that were delicious.

Helped out with some Charidee

This week was apparently Small Charities week, and I got invited along to an event to learn more about a local charity called Little Lifts.

Little Lifts provides boxes of treats to help women who have been diagnosed with primary breast cancer. The boxes are given to women at their chemotherapy planning meetings, and contain all sorts of things to help them deal with some of the side effects, such as toothpaste, herbal teas, an eye mask and ear plugs and a puzzle book.

I got to drink some delicious cocktails and eat some yummy canapes, and then I helped pack a couple of the boxes myself.

It was a really inspiring evening, and Little Lifts is exactly the kind of charity I think is amazing, they add a little something extra to peoples lives when things are tough.

Got Pooed on by a Bird

Apparently this is lucky, but that sounds like the sort of thing people make up to make themselves feel better when they get pooed on by a bird.

Here. have a picture of my hand with bird poo on it.

Got run over by a bike

This was one of the more dramatic moments of my week.

In the morning we walk the dogs in a piece of woodland. There is a pedestrianised path that runs through the middle of it that is frequented by dog walkers, runners and cyclists (and occasionally drug dealers, but that’s not really relevant).

On Friday morning as we finished our walk we were stood on the path, but the Pugs had found something good to sniff in the long grass on the other side. As we stood and waited for them to finish sniffing a man on a bike rounded the corner and was freewheeling down the hill. He saw us, and aimed at the other side of the path where he could not see the dogs in the long grass.

I know full well my dogs tendency to run directly into the path of any strangers they see approaching, and I also saw how close to them the bike would be and how badly my tiny fragile puggles would end up in a collision with a freewheeling bike.

So I made a split second decision to try and leap across the path and grab them to stop them heading in front of the bike.

I’d like you to read this next part in slow motion right now.

I leap across and realise the bike is going too fast to avoid me.

The man on the bike realises this too but tries to swerve anyway, even closer to the dogs.

I realise this and as the bike hits me I grab it and attempt to keep it upright or at least make sure we all fall AWAY from the Pugs.

The Pugs continue peacefully sniffing.

Mr LLL realises that there is a bike that he never even noticed in the first place and leaps into Pug control action

The man leaps off his bike as it falls to the floor. We both turn and at this point I realise there is a child strapped into a child seat on the back.

You may now resume reading at normal speed.

We stand the bike back up, and, understandably shocked, the child starts to cry. He calms down pretty quickly and we establish that there isn’t a scratch on him and he’s fine.

We all dust ourselves off and apologise to each other and go on our slightly shaky way.

I have a scratch on my back and a slightly grazed and bruised knee, but am otherwise ok for my collision.

Did I make the right decision? On balance, yes, I would do it again in a heart beat. The bike was coming far too fast to have avoided the dogs, who would only have had to move 6 inches out of the grass towards us to get hit, and in that scenario they are so small that they would have been far worse off than a few cuts and grazes.

We’ll definitely be more cautious about keeping the dogs with us on that path in future, and I hope Mr Bicycle man will go a bit slower next time so there’s time to react if a dog/small child/crazy lady runs in front of his bike.

There are no photos of this incident as that would have been weird. As weird as taking a photo of my hand with bird poo on it? Probably.

Went to a Wedding

After I’d recovered from my dramatic slow-motion bicycle collision I attempted to get all pretty for the wedding of my Roller Derby team captains, Dani & Vixen.

I even painted my nails which I haven’t had time to do for ages, then promptly chipped one of them whilst getting ready and then thought I would fix it, but didn’t have time and was 7 whole minutes late for my lift. SEVEN MINUTES!

The wedding was lovely in a riverside garden on the Norfolk Broads. The weather stayed beautiful and everyone cried which is definitely the mark of a successful wedding.

Then I drank an awful lot of wine and got a bit tipsy. Oh, and got eaten by mosquitos, as I have now discovered.

And that was another week in my life.

It was quite interesting actually. I can’t promise this every week, be prepared for a return to hearing about how I hoovered the living room in the very near future.