Well, hello there! I hope you’re all as confused as I am by the clock changing thing.

This invariably leads to weeks of me going to bed too late and then being knackered, so that’ll be fun.

After last weeks disturbing levels of excitement, fun and activity, this week has once again returned to boring mudanity.

Today has perhaps been the most exciting day of the week, as I had a hospital appointment to have a CT scan done which involved being injected with contrast dye, which is REALLY weird. It feels like sitting on a hot radiator, but its INSIDE. Blurgh. I also bled on their pillow cases and apparently have no easily locatable veins.

Other than that, this week has been pretty dull I’m afraid, but for those of you who like to hear about my dullness, this week I….

Went for a Pointless Run

I’m trying to get back into my running, I’m signed up for the Island 10k in May and I’d like to get a decent time on such a lovely flat course.

But my first run of the week was a bust as I headed out, and 1.3 miles into the run my watch battery died. I very nearly decided to just take a short cut and go straight home, but then I remembered that my body knows I’m running, even if my watch doesn’t.

So I completed my 3 mile route, but we all know it didn’t count really, and I didn’t even get the steps towards the FitBit challenge my uncle set up.

That’s how this makes me feel.

Made a Really Horrible Lunch

Not on purpose, I thought it would be lovely, it wasn’t.

I ordered some smoked tofu, thinking that might be nice to add to my lunches, and when I prepped my meals I decided to have giant cous cous, mediteranean vegetables and hummous with it.

Giant cous cous is like big round balls of pasta type stuff, it’s yummy, and I’ve had this combination before. What I forgot, though, was that the veg I had with it before came with a basil oil dressing on it. This version of the veg was dressing free, which meant that the cous cous solidified into a disgusting gelatinous block which was not nice at all. Then the tofu was just a bit bland. The hummus was nice though.

I ate it anyway, for 4 days in a row, because I hate wasting food, but I shan’t be bothering with tofu again and I’ll be remembering to dress my cous cous with a drizzle of oil.

Switched my Electricity Supplier

I did warn you this was an exciting week didn’t I?

For months I’ve been seeing lots of people switching to Bulb for their electricity as they are cheap and provide 200% renewable energy, which is very cool.

I haven’t switched, because we were on a prepayment meter and I didn’t think we were able to switch to Bulb if we were on a Smart prepayment meter. Then we got a letter from our supplier telling us they were putting our prices up again and I looked into and discovered we COULD switch, and our meter would just change to a credit meter.

So I switched, and it should save me about £15 a month, which is brilliant.

I also got a £50 bill credit as I used a referral link from my Mum, essentially giving me free electricity for a month. So, if you want to see if you can save money and also get a £50 credit, click here for my referral link.

Use it, and I’ll also get another £50 bill credit which means another free month of electricity, so that will also make me happy!

Had a Stinking Cold

Then, to round off a very dull week, I then got a horrible cold which meant I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday feeling very sorry for myself, and also didn’t go back to Roller Derby training after a 2 week break.

I’m feeling slightly better today, thankfully, so hopefully I can arrange for next week to be slightly more exciting so I’ll have something to talk about.

How was your week?