Well, this has been a hell of a week. Like really.

Currently I am once again lying on the sofa. I’ve been out working all morning and I am cold to my bones and shivering. So I have a gingerbread latte to warm me up and then I shall watch some Netflix from my prone position.

But first, this week I….

Dyed my hair

This was a total mission as I can’t move much, but I promised myself I was going to do it. My roots were getting out of hand and it was genuinely starting to get to me in a “not only do I have a bad back but my hair looks shit too” kind of a way.

So I managed it. It took me about 4 times as much energy as normal, but at least I don’t have massive roots now.

Made a hot cross bun burger

When you want to make a special Easter meal but can’t be bothered making a roast dinner, I highly recommend switching burger buns for hot cross buns. It was delicious.

Saw the physio again

This time she wanted to do a video call so she could see how I moved. Which wasn’t much at all.

By the end of the call I had a diagnosis of a “disc bulge” (slipped disc to the rest of us) that was apparently “quite bad” and had been told I could expect it to be around a 6 month recovery. Which was a bit depressing.

She’s also referred me for an MRI, so fingers crossed that comes through so we can see how bad it is!

Had plastic suction cups put on my back

This was weird.

I went back to have another massage this week, and she had recommended we try cupping. I was intrigued as I have heard of cupping but never had it.

She basically put little suction cups on my back and then moved them around to improve blood flow. It wasn’t relaxing!

My muscles are still super tight and it hurts. apparently they “don’t want to give up”. At least my back muscles are determined.

Had a poorly Pug

As if a slipped disc and a 6 month recovery wasn’t enough to be dealing with, when we got home Peppa was acting very strange.

At first she looked confused and we thought we’d woken her up suddenly. Then we noticed her head twitching, she couldn’t stand properly and her tail was down and floppy, never a good sign.

Mr LLL rushed her up to the vets, he was there for 2 hours while they did blood and urine tests but could find nothing wrong. They suspected it was neurological, so referred us to the specialist in Newmarket, about 50 miles away.

In the car she looked very confused, like she didn’t recognise us. She didn’t stand or move around and if you reached out to stroke her she would flinch like she was scared.

I was terrified. I thought I’d lost her. She’s my baby and I went through every terrible scenario in my head. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

About 8pm we arrived, she was lifting her head if we said her name, but was otherwise the same.

The vet did a telephone consultation from the car park, and then walked out to the car to collect her for an examination. As she walked across the car park Peppa stood up, did a little shake, and then tried to climb into the front of the car.

I nearly cried with relief.

On examination she was still only walking a few steps before sitting down, but seemed otherwise bright, so they kept her in overnight for observation and we drove all the way back home.

3 hours in a car with a slipped disc is NOT FUN and when I got home I could barely walk.

I told you this was a hell of a week.

Got my baby back

Working on the theory no news is good news, I wasn’t worried when we didn’t hear from the hospital first thing.

They finally called about 10:30am and basically said she was up and demanding food and walkies like nothing ever happened.

They wanted to do some more blood tests, so it wasn’t until 6pm that Mr LLL finally picked her up and bought her home.

Since then she’s been fine, like nothing ever happened. They could find nothing wrong, so they think it was some kind of seizure, if it happens again we should video it so they can see.

But for now I’m just happy to have my baby back home.

And that was another week in my life.

Full of drama, a quiet one next week please. K’thnx.

How was your week?