I’m feeling a little bit more on track than I was earlier this month, but more on that next week when the month is actually over and I can assess how it’s gone!

Part of feeling a bit more motivated has been doing some little things that make me feel “healthy”, as well as just a general state of mind, and trying to track my eating more on My Fitness Pal. So I thought I’d share a few of the things that have been helping me get that motivation back and feel like I’m doing myself good.

Healthspan’s Multivitality Boost


This was sent to me for review. I often use Berocca, so I thought I’d give it a try. It says it comes in 2 delicious flavours per pack. It doesn’t it comes in one delicious flavour (Mixed Berry) and one that I have to hold my nose to drink (Orange), still if it tastes foul it must be doing me some good, right? It’s cheaper than the Berocca, and the sachets are nice and portable when I travel as I just take as many as I need in luggage for the week. I like to drink it just before I go for a run and it (very probably psychologically) gives me a little more energy.


Urban Fruit Superberry


I was sent this to try before Christmas and never got around to reviewing it. It’s dried fruit, basically! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so the pineapple and mango I tried was nice enough, but I haven’t bought any more. The Superberry mix, however, is lovely and I’ve bought several bags of it with my own hard earned pennies since Christmas. It’s not too sweet and I love it sprinkled on porridge in the morning. Being dried fruit means it doesn’t go off in my cupboard while I’m away from home, or get bashed up in a bag when I travel, and it helps me get one of my 5 a day in the morning. It’s got no added sugar and is also packed with vitamin C, fibre and potassium and other things I believe are alledgedly good for me.

Celestial Seasonings Natural Detox Wellness tea


This was in the goodie bag at a party I went to at a conference in Rotterdam recently. It’s got milk thistle, dandelion and red clover to help your body detoxify, plus it tastes of vanilla. I often don’t drink enough liquids while I’m away as hotel room water tastes rank and bottled is expensive, so herbal teas are a way I use to try and make it taste nicer and this is now a firm favourite. I have a tea tin that I take a few bags in as they’re not individually wrapped.

Body Brushing


Another one that I’m sure has no scientific evidence to support it, but spending a few minutes on yourself every day is definitely a way to make sure you feel better about yourself. I try and spend a minute or so dry body brushing in the morning and then put on body lotion, it keeps my skin smooth, even if it doesn’t have any detox benefits!


by riebschlager

It’s amazing how terrible not getting enough sleep can make you feel. This month has been difficult as there’s been a lot on, once again, but I’m really doing my best to catch up on my sleep, and make sure what I do get is good quality. I’m not always the best sleeper. It’s not getting to sleep that’s the problem, it’s the quality of sleep once I am asleep. Occasionally I take Nytol one a night, I’ve yet to find any more “natural” methods that actually affect my sleep quality, meditation, hot drinks and the like might make me feel sleepier, but not sleep any better once I nod off.