Recently I’ve been re watching one of my favourite ever TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

During the 90s and early 00s I was utterly obsessed, and a bit of distance has found me re watching it with a keen eye for that 90s style.

Little accessories like a stretchy zig zag hairband, terrible, slightly ankle swinger, trousers worn with clumpy shoes and too much lipstick have bought my late teens back in a flood.

This time around, though, my style icon is not Buffy, but Anya, introduced in series 3 as a vengeance demon (OK, so maybe this particular look isn’t top of my style list)

She had a rocky start. I can give no good defence for this outfit, personally I can recall no period in which badly fitting patchwork trousers were de rigeur.

But by the time she’d become a regular character Anya’s style had settled into a fantastic retro style, with clean simple lines and classic styles. Anya’s style always has something to make any Retro Chicks heart go pitter pat.

From her perfectly coiffed screen siren hair

To her wardrobe full of twinsets, 40s style tea dresses and classic pencil skirts.

And even her nightwear screams old school retro glamour.

I even love her straight talking acerbic wit and no nonsense attitude.

I give you Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, born Aud (formerly Anyanka, the “patron saint of scorned women”) and now, Retro Chick style icon.

Thanks to Ever the Wordsmith for Screen Grabs