My sister gets married in February, and Saturday night was her Hen night, I organised her a limo ride and a visit to a Comedy Club.

The bride had a pink Top Hat and I spent ages ironing the words “Kelly’s Hen” onto ribbon to wrap around some tiny Top Hats ( I had to cover up the words Stag Night!). I think the end result was pretty cool, and quite classy, as Hen Nights go!


Hen Night

Obviously it was essential that I have new shoes for the event, so I’ve finally got my paws an a pair of Red or Dead Miami shoes. A few months ago I blogged about them in leopard print with a gold ankle chain, I am now the proud owner of a pair in shiny purple with a black chain for the bargain price of £20 in the Viva La Diva sale. I wore them with a black satin dress from Warehouse and seamed tights from Love Colour.