Last night Clueless was  on Film 4, and, it being Easter Monday, and me having nothing better to do with my time than sit on my papasan chair and polish off the last of the chocolate (the calories don’t count if you finish them all before the end of the holiday) I decided to watch it.

I’m so glad I did.

I had forgotten what a great teen film it was and what an enjoyable and accessible update of Jane Austen’s Emma.

Just for an hour and 50 minutes I missed the 1990s just a teeny tiny little bit. I don’t think I’m ready for a return to sparkly tank tops over out sized shirts or knee high socks. But I could certainly live with having Cher’s body con Alaïa dress in my life, including the nipped waist feather trimmed jacket she wore over it.


Honestly, though, last night, while I was giggling at what Turk from Scrubs looked like 15 years ago and reminiscing over the days when there was any point having a pager and mobile phones had aerials you had to pull up, it wasn’t Cher’s wardrobe I was inspired by, (though I still need to get me a computerised wardrobe, seriously) but Amber’s.


Amber is a bit trashy, looked down on a little by Cher & Dionne, but I really loved her outrageously styled very “put together” outfits and retro kitsch style more than I like the preppy plaids and knee high socks of the other girls.


She may be trashy, but she’s certainly working her look, I love the retro winged pince nez and 50s style sweaters. And who else would have hair this “done” when they’re wearing a swimsuit?


So I’ve taken a little inspiration from the nautical and 50s looks and made Amber my Retro Chick Style Icon. I think I could work these for Spring Summer, and though I’m not ready for knee socks I think maybe I could, under some circumstances, persuade myself back into over the knee socks

Clueless Amber 1

Amber Clueless 2

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