Vintage Check Dress - Retro Chick
Skull Print Shoes - Ebay
Belt - Vivienne of Holloway
Scarf - Ebay
Sunglasses - Wilkinsons
Vintage Bag - Charity Shop

This weekend I have spent off gallivanting in the sunshine.I am making the most of  it as, living in England, I am fairly convinced it won’t last long.

I love the cute candy coloured checks of this 1980s crinkle sun dress which was perfect for a walk in the park and a civilised lunch with my parents, it’s actually on sale on the Retro Chick website. I wore it with a turquoise necklace that I haven’t worn for a while, purchased off eBay about 7 years ago, and one of the vintage rings I was given as a birthday present. And, just to prove that I practice what I preach I had a green shawl, one of my Summer essentials, that I bought on eBay. I wrapped it around my bag strap during the day to keep it out of the way.


To counter balance my civilised afternoon I spent the night camping in woodland with Mr Chick. It was utterly pitch black at night and our campsite was beautifully decked with tiny tea lights in jam jars dotted around and hanging in trees for a delicate fairy grotto effect.

It was really lovely to get away from everything and feel miles from anywhere and anyone. But, being totally dependent on my technology, and also an utter girl about wild animals I did take my mobile phone and iPod with me, which I used to drown out the sound of marauding bears over night (actually the wind, apparently)


It’s a bit of a struggle coming back to the City and work after such a relaxing weekend, but fortunately I have various insect bites and shoes full of dead leaves to remind me of it till next time…..