Well, I’ve actually been on holiday this week. I spent a night camping in the woods, a morning in the casualty department following Mr Chicks fight with a Blackthorn tree (the tree won) and a lovely Italian meal at the gorgeous Casalingo in Brighton.


I had a lovely time by the seaside, being dive-bombed by seagulls, eating chips and playing penny arcade machines. As ever I think the British seaside is vastly underrated.

A consequence of this lovely holiday is that on returning home my wardrobe is pretty much bare of wearable clothes, so a night out last night needed some desperate trawling of what was left still clean.

I ended up wearing things I hadn’t worn for ages. I put a skirt underneath the dress to make it a little fuller and a bit more evening, and also add a little length. The ribbon trim cardigan I wore because I felt the straight across neckline of the dress was a bit unflattering and I needed to create a v neckline shape. The purple shoes don’t go, but, hell,  I like them and I haven’t worn them since February so they came out too.


Dress – Next Directory
Cardigan – Kookai
Belt – Rosa Rosa Retro
Skirt (underneath) – H&M
Shoes – Red or Dead