After my massive wardrobe clear out one thing I feel I am seriously lacking is some proper, grown up, lingerie.

I think the last time I bought any lace fripperies that could be described using that word was sometime around the turn of the century (actually it was probably more recent than that, but I’ve lost an awful lot of weight since). It wasn’t something I felt my wardrobe needed really. It wasn’t like I was planning to wander round in my pants anytime soon, and I’m still not. But I would like something to wear that would give me that oh so glamorous feel as I slip on my stockings, rather than that hot and irritable feel as I struggle into my Spanx.

On my wish list now then is pretty much the entire collection from What Katie Did.

I’ve had them saved in my shopping bookmarks for some time, but the prices are still sadly a little out of my price range. One day my pretties, one day……

Josephone Lingerie & Shapewear

Josephine Lingerie & Shapewear

Sailor Lingerie

Sailor Lingerie