Yesterday afternoon I dragged myself into rain sodden London for a rather pleasant afternoon tea at the Met Bar with 7 other Fashion Bloggers. Lulu Guinness is embracing this new exciting world of social media and blogging in a way that makes me wish all designers were as switched on and would treat me to afternoon tea and Bellinis more often.

If you’d like you can join her on both Facebook and Twitter.


The event was due to be hosted by Lulu herself, but unfortunately due to personal reasons she was unable to be there. Keeping us entertained and encouraging us to communicate without the security of a computer screen between us was therefore left to various members of her PR team, who did a fabulous job.

The tea is inspired by her Spring Summer 2010 collection, which is being exhibited in the Metropolitan during London Fashion Week and features gorgeous candy coloured cakes and biscuits decorated with tiny Cameos, oversized flowers and Pollyanna clutches inspired by Lulu’s designs. I hesitate to call them healthy as nothing so yummy can possibly be healthy but they ARE low fat, and the breadless sandwiches, particularly the roast beef, make me sad I can’t eat like this everyday.

I would tell you more about the menu but sadly I wasn’t listening properly to the polite man who told us all about it as, along with everyone else, I was too busy cooing over the beautiful cakes and taking photos of my food in classic blogger style.



My particular fight for cake (conducted very politely) was with Rachael from Fur Coat, No Knickers, and Nicky from My Fashion Life who were just as lovely and scrumptious as the cakes, despite the wet weather.

Things I learnt yesterday include:

    • Fashion Bloggers obviously differ from your stereotypical Fashionista, much cake was eaten and doggy bags taken home.

  • The Met Bar is just a fairly swanky hotel bar, and not, as exciting and debauched as I thought it would be when it opened in the mid 90s and was full of clebs (maybe they save the debauchery for after the bloggers have left?).
  • The Waitresses at the Met Bar have splits in the back of their skirts that come dangerously close to places skirt splits shouldn’t go.
  • I really don’t like rain.
The Afternoon De-Light menu is available from 3-6pm Mon-Sat 14th-26th September.
It costs £24 per person with a pot of tea or fruit infusion.
Reservations are required: 020 7447 4757.
For more information, click here.