We’ve had quite a bit of snow here in the East of England over the last couple of days. It looks beautiful, especially when the snow starts falling in the dark, but it’s incredibly cold!

Tempting as it was to wrap up in ugly puffy jackets and clumpy boots I decided to follow my own advice in an attempt to stay vaguely stylish yesterday and go for layers. I layered a polo neck jumper under a belted dress (which is two layers itself!) 2 pairs of tights, gloves, a coat and a hat.

* Stripy polo neck jumper - So old I can't remember * Dress - New Look * Belt - Vintage *
Jacket - Monsoon via a Charity Shop * Brooch - Vintage * Tights - New Look *
Boots - Shoe Zone * Hat - Millets * Gloves - Lowie *

In retrospect I would also have added a pair or socks and a scarf, though a scarf can be a pain when popping in and out of shops.

I actually bought another hat whilst I was in town, a black felt “flowerpot” cloche style hat and also a pair of ridiculous shoes with some money given to me by my Nana & Grampy for Christmas to spend on “frivolities only”. The shoes and hat were half price, but I still felt a little sick handing over real money in an actual shop for shoes made of pink suede and satin ribbon, but then, Christmas is a time for frivolity and even if I don’t wear them I can look at them lovingly and stroke the soft suede. Maybe I’ll show you a picture of my new lovelies next week, but right now I’m wearing pink pyjamas with sheep on (it’s Sunday morning, ok!) and the shoes don’t really go……