I know everyone else is starting to think Spring Summer, but I can’t really get my head around it right now.

This morning I received a gorgeous sailor dress in the post from my new sponsor Lady K Loves, but even that can’t get my head away from the magical snow scenes I can see from my window.

Snow might be a pain if you have to get anywhere and really pretty horrible when it turns to manky brown slush on the roads, but a fresh fallen snow is magical. Opening your curtains in the morning to find everything transformed and sparkling in a blanket of white that rounds the corners can make even a pile of bin bags in the street look beautiful

by dustpuppy

I think maybe it’s the way that snowflakes float so gently, rather than than fall with force like rain that makes them the perfect setting for magic and mystery. 2 of my favourite books when I was a child were The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

and The Snow Spider. Both full of wintery magic.

As a grown up I am currently on my 4th reading of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, a book that uses snow covered fields and streets to great atmospheric effect.

So, although brights look fantastic against a snowy background, at the moment it just feels right to take a cue from the Snow Queen and be inspired by a monochromatic palette of snowy whites. I love the pom poms on the scarf in this outfit, like little snowballs.

I actually bought some wool before Christmas with the intention of making my own pom poms, but have yet to find the time, I’ve found a new technique that doesn’t require little discs of card that I’m dying to try out. I was planning to make a brooch maybe, but time flies. Maybe being snowed in is the perfect chance…