*sigh* isn’t that just gorgeous?

It’s Rigby & Peller’s Platinum collection created for their 70th Anniversary. It consists of a padded retro style “bullet” bra for £109 and high waisted ruffle back briefs £89.95. Now that’s lots of money, but Rigby & Peller have been making underwear for 70 years, hell, the Queen buys her pants from there. I therefore assume they know what they’re doing and that should I shell out nearly £200 this would be the BEST underwear set I ever bought.

I’m also trying really hard not to wonder if the Queen has a pair of ruffled pants and a bullet bra.

I probably won’t shell out that much though. I’m far more likely to go for this whirlpool bullet bra and ruffled briefs, far more reasonably priced at £34.99 and £12.99, from my sponsor Vintaga (who has kindly donated some scrummy lingerie for my Valentines giveaway, watch this space!)

I do love that delicate vintage pink though. Maybe a lottery win? Just a small one? I’ll keep the Vintaga lingerie for every day and my Rigby & Peller can be for best.