I’m a terrible flibbertygibbit when it comes to skin care.

I’ve tried almost everything on the market. From Dermalogica, (which I liked, but eek at the prices!) down to 30p Face Wipes from tesco. Always with the dream of finding that one product that will leave me with smooth, soft, beautiful skin and enough money in the bank to go out so other people can actually see how beautiful and glowing I am.

So, in need of a new moisturiser I headed into Boots. I’d heard good things about their original formula vanishing cream and thought I’d give it a go. Plus, you know, pretty packaging is always a plus.

The face cream was £7.79, but knock me down with a feather or something else really light, I managed to snag me a gift box in their post Christmas sale for 75% off.

So now I have the cleansing milk, skin tonic and vanishing cream, all for the bargain price of £5. Yes that’s FIVE POUNDS. Less than the cream on it’s own. Thank you Boots! (Though why they don’t just take the products out of the gift boxes and put them on the shelves I don’t know)

Plus, they all came packaged in this beautiful vintage style box that I can use to keep, erm, stuff, in, I’m sure I’ll think of something that needs a home!

I’ve only used it a couple of times, but so far I like it. It sinks in well and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised without a layer of grease on top. Only time will tell if I turn into a ball of flakiness, or spottiness, or any of the other things my skin can sometimes be prone to.

Any recommendations?

What’s YOUR favourite skin care brand?