No fly by night, jump on the badwagon, ethical fashion label, Junky Styling have been around for over 10 whole years.

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager (no relation to me!) set up the label in 1997, searching Charity Shops and jumble sales for second hand clothes that they then deconstructed and recreated into something new and wonderful.

Everything Junky Styling sell is either recycled, fair trade, made from organic materials or ethically produced. Alongside their wholesale line they also offer bespoke services, such as their Wardrobe Surgery which allows people to bring in items from their own wardrobe and leave with a whole new piece of clothing.

My favourite part of Junky Styling is that they don’t promote seasonal fashion, instead focusing on timeless designs, that can in no way be described as dull. So many people take timeless to mean simple, with no identifying features or originality, but this is certainly not something that can be applied to anything that comes out of the studios of Junky Styling.

Even better, Junky Styling want to share their amazing skills with the world. They’d like to begin establishing franchises, training local communities up to recycle clothing the Junky Styling way, but in the mean time they want to share it with you.

Their book Junky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery

contains details on how you can apply their techniques to your own wardrobe, as well as documenting the setting up of the company.

Should that not be enough, Annika and Kerry are sharing their inspiration and some transformational tips at the V&A in South Kensington on the 1st February. The talk is between 7-8:45pm and costs £15. If you’d like to book tickets call 020 7942 2277