It started with this. I saw this Monsoon cardigan in Heat magazine, of all places, and instantly fell in love

The bunny print, the puffed sleeves, the deep v and ribbed waist all shouted “I’m gorgeous, I’ll really suit you!”

I am not, however, a girl who takes spending £45 on knitwear, especially knitwear covered in bunnies, lightly. Quite frankly I am poor, and with Valentines Day and Fashion Week approaching at high speed I am loath to spend money on something I haven’t seen and touched, especially an amount of money that could pay for dinner and drinks!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen part of my hunt to find the cardigan and see if it obsesses me so much in real life. So far 2 Monsoon branches have failed to turn up a real life version. But I shall keep looking and maybe eventually I will either be rich, it will go on sale (in my size? The whole world seems to wear a 12, if I was an 8 maybe better luck!), or it will show up in a local store.

In the mean time I can’t help thinking about what a great twist on “animal prints” it is and it sent me off on a hunt for other “prints of animals”

Dorothy Perkins came up trumps not once, but twice, with an adorable Uttam dress with a cat print and, a tunic from Purple Clothing with pink deer printed on it (I so wish I’d seen this before Christmas, though I’d probably remove those feathers!)

cat print dress

deer print tunic

Even better is this Yumi tunic with a print of fairground horses. I just love that chance to bring a bit of the fun of the fair into my wardrobe and I really want to wear this with opaque tights and cute shoes.

Finally, in the realms of the “I’ll never be able to afford that in a gazillion years” is this Markus Lupfer dress which doesn’t just have a print of animals, but a print of prints made by animals. Genius!

What do you think of cute prints of animals, or are you more a fierce animal print girl?

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header photo by Bashed