This isn’t just a 1950s Cocktail Cabinet….

For starters that’s because it’s also a writing desk.

Oh yes.


But apart from that, it was also a bargain. It cost just 35 of your earth pounds from my local PDSA Charity Shop, and then they delivered it for free.

It’s also grown up furniture, proper grown up furniture. It didn’t come from Ikea and it won’t fall apart next week. It means that my bottles of drink, and there are many, don’t have to stand on the floor next to my wine rack anymore, they have a proper home. A grown up home. Like my Mum and Dad used to have to keep their drinks in when I was a kid.

Later I shall spend some time putting all my nice Cocktail glasses and shakers into it and giving them a proper home too. So it is also the start of a considerably less cluttered house.

So many things all wrapped up in one rather lovely new/old cocktail cabinet.

Have a lovely May Day Bank Holiday weekend!