You can’t get it right every time.

Friday was the first day of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and I’d planned to pop into town for a bit and then see a friends band play in the bar at the festival tent.

The weather was rainy and miserable so all my summer dresses languished unwearable on the hanger as I stared in frustration at my wardrobe with no idea what to wear.

In the end I picked out these French Connection black trousers that I haven’t worn for a while and thought I’d go a bit androgynous and team them with two tone shoes and a moustache necklace which I bought for just £4 at Clutter City (from Kluck).

❤ Top - SPUN ❤ Trousers - French Connection ❤ Shoes - New Look via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Moustache Necklace - Kluck ❤ Pearls - Antique Market ❤ Bag - Lulu Guinness ❤

I experimented with using a string of pearls as a belt to add a bit of definition to my waist and a girly touch and a bit of a quiff style fringe roll.

In theory I still like the idea of this outfit. But looking at the pictures I think I got the proportions wrong. The top isn’t long enough and hits me right at my widest point and the belt doesn’t quite add the definition I was aiming for. If the top had been longer, or I’d perhaps used a skinny belt, rather than the string of pearls to add more definition this might have been more of a success.

I could have not posted this as an outfit post at all. But I thought I’d post it because it’s interesting to see peoples experiments in fashion and I’d like to know what you think.It’s also a lesson in why you shouldn’t experiment when you’re in a hurry to get out of the house!

Are you as critical of this outfit as I am? Or are you even more critical?

There is always an argument for sticking with what you know. I know that my body shape suits full skirts and nipped waists and maybe I’m just not suited to trying out a bit of androgyny, but wouldn’t life be boring if we never experimented?

In other news, how cool is this roundabout? Sadly it’s for kids only, but I love the Tim Burtonesque characters.

Tonight I am off to see a performance of La Vie, which promises “…all the excitement of a circus, the intrigue and bawdy humour of a cabaret styled  performance and the immediacy of intimate theatre.”

Should be good!