After being boiling hot for weeks this sudden cool comes as a bit of a shock.

It is, of course, actually still quite warm out there, classic British Summer weather in fact, but after the heat and humidity of the last few weeks it seems a positive chill!

No matter though, as it gives me a chance to wear a new frock that I thought was going to hang unloved in my wardrobe till September. The dress is a 99p eBay bargain that I didn’t think would amount to much. It’s probably 1970s but it has some gorgeous deco detailing at the shoulders, pleating on the bodice and a small pearl detail and fits like a dream.  I thought it would look great with fishnets and my new shoes from the Sarenza competition come autumn, so expect to see it again!

❤ Dress, belt & handbag - Vintage ❤ Shoes - New Look via a Charity Shop ❤ Pearl Earrings - eBay ❤

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “but Retro Chick, where is your hair!”

Well, you might not have been, but I’ll tell you anyway. Since I discovered the wonders of setting lotion, sponge rollers and/or pin curls messing about with my hair as been a joy that I think I missed out on massively, having chopped it off in my teens and kept it short ever since.

This style is using the same sponge rat (a doughnut from Boots, chopped in half) that I used to do this back roll and this faux fringe only this time I rolled it under into a kind of faux bob. I tried this before with straight hair and it looked rubbish! Curls add a bit of movement and a 1930s feel to the finished look.

You can also see the neckline detail of the dress in these pictures. To be honest I get quite excited when I try new hair things and they work, see, I was deprived as a teenager.

Sadly Mr Chick doesn’t care beyond “That looks nice” so I’m relying on you to get excited with me about hair rats and pin curls.

What do you think of the faux bob?