Lusting over things you can’t afford can be pretty depressing.

I, however, have no illusions that I will ever be purchasing myself a Christian Dior Couture outfit (at least not anytime soon. I do play the lottery though….) This acceptance of a simple fact moves lusting over runway collections into different territory than depressing myself by browsing online shops.

Now it’s inspiration, it’s art. I can acknowledge the beauty of the pieces and admire the styling without wondering how many days I’d have to go without food to buy it (note: Probably long enough for them to hire me as a catwalk model)

Today I have been trawling through pictures of the Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection from Paris Couture Week. I love the 50s nipped waists and tulip skirts. The models look like beautifully wrapped, expensive bunches of flowers, complete with cellophane head pieces and waists cinched in raffia. When flowers are taken as inspiration the results are so often diaphanous, wispy and delicate. Here the models are tropical blooms. Flowers with a structural shape and a dramatic impact that makes them a centerpiece all on their own.

Finally, my favourite 2 dresses from the collection are these.

I absolutely expect Dita Von Teese to turn up wearing one of these very, very soon.