Previous Friday Frock Love has been lavished on High Street, Ethical Fashion and Vintage Repro.

But if I’m honest, when I have some money to spend on a frock I normally head to eBay to check out the vintage. Not because I don’t like the other stuff, but because I can normally get more bang for my buck.

I’m not actually at my laptop today, this post is pre written. As you read it I am probably in town buying wellies, or attempting to put up a tent in the rain without crying at Vintage at Goodwood. I will probably be updating Twitter and Facebook with tales of my joy/woe over the weekend, should you care to join me. If not, then I leave you to enjoy these gorgeous frocks I’ve picked from eBay (UK and US)

Henry Rosenfeld 1950’s evening dress

Terrible pictures of what looks like a gorgeous dress on this listing. But at least there are plenty of them!

Ends Saturday 14th August 22:38 BST

Current Price £1.50

40s Nautical Influence Floral Navy Day Dress

Again, not the most inspiring photos, but this looks like the perfect dress should Summer ever return!

Ends Monday 16th August 05:50 BST

Current Price $49.99 (approx £31.92)

Original 1950s Floral Wiggle Shift Dress

Probably heading towards the 60s in date, this has that much sought after Mad Men vibe (you know, I’ve never seen that, should I bother?)

Ends Sunday 15 August 13:46 BST

Buy It Now Price £49.99 (or make an offer)

40s Simple Green Cotton Day House Dress Sheath

A gorgeous nipped waist with ever handy pockets. The listing says it’s 40s, but I’m just not sure on the shape, is it maybe more 50s? Either way it’s a gorgeous dress.

Ends Monday 16th August 02:08 BST

Current Price $5.24 (Approx £3.36)

50s 60s Cotton Check House Dress

Why Retro Chick, does this come from YOUR shop? Yes it does! A beautiful 50s or 60s home made house dress that I originally bought for myself, but am regretfully selling as my ridiculously broad shoulders mean I can only get out of it with help. I really adore the shawl collar on this and the 3/4 sleeves.

Ends Friday 3rd September 13:44 BST

Buy It Now Price £29.99 (free postage)

1950s Day Dress – Dahlia Pattern

Such a beautiful print, I might buy this just to stare at it.

Ends Saturday 21st August 19:00 BST

Current Price £14.99

40s Black Rayon Embroidered Cocktail Dress

Beautiful detailing and classic 40s styling. This is a bigger size too! (48″ bust)

Ends Tuesday 17th August 03:00 BST

Current Price $31 (approx £19.89)