I’ve always harboured dreams of being a Film Noir Femme Fatale.

She’s a proper bad gal. Elegant, sophisticated, but with hints of a dark and troubled past that makes men weak at the knees and desperate to do her every bidding.

Sadly I am almost the polar opposite of the femme fatale. I talk too much, I smile too much and I have a tendency to walk into things in a very inelegant way.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t look like I might be one, just for a very little while, at least until someone sees me walk into something.

So, I asked my sponsor Abilu Creations to make me a hat. I wanted something simple yet striking in a 40s style. I wanted it black, and I wanted to feel fabulous, elegant, ladylike and understated.

She came up with the goods, so here’s me playing at being my best femme fatale.

The hat is a beautiful stepped felt base that sits on the side of the head. It has gorgeous black feathers with a deep green sheen that sweep back across the crown and over the top of my head. I absolutely adore it and it’s exactly what I wanted.

Abigail from Abilu Creations told me that creating custom pieces is her favourite part of her job. If you’d like her to create something special for you then she doesn’t only create hats, and fascinators as a custom orders, but jewellery as well. All you need to do is contact her, let her know your budget and what you’re looking for and she’ll get to work on creating for you. It’s a dream for events like weddings or balls where you really don’t want to find out you’re wearing the same hat/necklace/earrings as someone else and put all your hard work outfit planning to shame.

Click here for contact details to get Abigail to create your own custom piece!

In this instance she emailed me photos of the hat base to check it was the kind of thing I was looking for before getting to work and discussed with me my favourite colours (hence the green sheen to the feathers. I adore green)

So, without my poor Photoshop attempts here’s a closer look.