All the way back in February I fell in love with prints of Animals.

I never did get that bunny print Monsoon cardigan, it was just too much money, but I still harbour a soft spot for clothes with animals on.

Well, patience is most definitely a virtue, because walking round a Charity Shop in Aberdeenshire I spotted a cardigan. It nestled on the racks looking like a dull old grey short sleeve cardigan, till I riffled past it’s next door neighbour and spotted….. FLAMINGOS!

At the bargain price of £2.99 I had to have it, even though it was technically 2 sizes too big for me.

There was no way I was letting it go, but I was struggling to make it work as it was just too big to be worn properly as a cardigan (plus I struggle with short sleeve cardigans anyway, pointless). Then this weekend I tried tucking it in, like a knitted blouse, and I think it worked.

You can’t see the Flamingos very clearly in that picture so here’s another one.

❤ Flamingo Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins, via a Charity Shop ❤ Box Pleat Skirt - Charity Shop ❤
❤ Court Shoes - Sarenza ❤

I accessorised my pink flamingos simply with bright pink lipstick and simple hair, I also quite like the way the grey in the shoes picks up the grey cardigan. Gosh, I’m just so co ordinated.

The skirt is another Charity shop bargain, with cute box pleats at the front it’s likely to be one of my autumn staples.

You will note that I am on one of monthly contact lens breaks, and hence am confined to glasses in this picture. Pencil Skirt and glasses makes me feel a but Miss Moneypenny, hence the pose.

What do you think of prints of animals?