I love Babycham glasses and that iconic Babycham Deer.

I always buy Babycham glasses whenever I see them. I started picking them up about a year ago and I now have 6, from a variety of decades. I found it quite hard to find pictures of the changing face of the Babycham deer all in one place so I thought I’d share what I’ve picked up on the way.

The deer on the Babycham glass has changed style through the years, and offers an easy way to date your babycham glasses and get an idea of value.

All this information on dating is to the best of my knowledge, so if you know better please do correct me as I’d genuinely be delighted to know!

The 50s Deer

The first Babycham deer glasses featured a white deer. Standing straight. This is the rarest deer to find, and often the most expensive.

My glasses have a hexagonal stem and blocky text on the base.

1950s Babycham Deer1950s Babycham GlassThe 60s Deer

The deer below dates from the 60s. He’s perkier than the earlier deer, golden brown and leaping to the left, front legs down. He has a particularly “blousey” blue bow.

My glass has the same hexagonal stem and triple lined font for the logo, which is seen in some Babycham adverts from the late 50s.

1960s Babycham Deer
1960s Babycham GlassThe ‘modern’ Deer

From the 1970s onwards the deer is a much sleeker and sophisticated chap in lemon yellow, leaping to the right. This is by far the most common glass to find and can be picked up for about a £1.

This deer is the same shape as on the modern Babycham packaging (forgetting that awful 90s re branding experiment with the yellow ‘B’)

My glass has a round stem and block text on the base.

1970s Babycham Deer1970s Babycham Glass

And they all live happily together on top of my cocktail cabinet

Babycham Glasses