I don’t know about you but I’m freezing.

That non existent summer we nearly had seems to be quite definitely over and I’m trawling my cupboards and bringing out jackets and coats to be cleaned, buttons replaced and linings repaired to the best of my ability.

It’s that time of year when your full on winter coat is just too much, big chunky knits are likely to leave you sweltering hot by lunch time, but leaving home without something to protect you from the elements is a really bad idea.

I use a variety of means to keep myself warm in the period between Mid September and Late November. I have a lovely Lowie Mohair Wrap and a nice wool cardigan, but generally this is the season of the jacket. Shorter and lighter weight than a coat a good jacket is essential wear to keep out the chill till it gets cold enough for a full length coat, you never know, if we’re lucky it might even see you all the way through winter!

So today I’ve been virtual shopping (again) and picked out my favourite Autumn jackets to suit all budgets.

Money is no object

Cath Kidston Admiral Tweed Jacket – £245

Made from wool this should be warm enough to see you through a chilly day. It’s a lovely tailored shape and has really cute details. Wear it with a scarf at the neck if your wearing a low cut top.

Cath Kidston Admiral Tweed Jacket

Jaeger Tab Shoulder Coat – £299

I love the sharp styling and camel colour of this coat. It’s classic and elegant, just like me (stop giggling at the back…)

Jaeger Tab Shoulder Coat

Well, I’ve got SOME money

40s Style Belted Jacket – £55

This gorgeous 40s style belted jacket is from an eBay seller called qbiffa who sells quite a range of gorgeous 40s style knitwear as well. I am completely in love with this and it’s striking purple check.

40s Style Belted Jacket

Tara Starlet Loves Army Jacket – £75

A great shape with cute heart buttons, plus they sell a matching skirt so you could wear it as a suit if you wanted. Gorgeous.

Tara Starlet Loves Army Jacket

Sorry, I’m completely skint

Red Textured Pea Jacket – £40

I like that this is single breasted, a bit different from the military style short pea jackets you can get everywhere. It’s a versatile shape, and under £50!

Red Textured Pea Jacket

F&F Short Swing Jacket – £25

If all else fails there’s always the supermarket. I like the colour and the shoulder detail and this style looks a bit 50s worn with a pencil skirt. I suspect that for £25 it might not see you through any but the mildest of winters, but at least you’ll have time to save up for a proper coat!

F&F Short Swing Jacket