While everyone was tweeting about the shows and parties they were attending I was riding steam trains and judging beauty bloggers in Solihull.

I did pop into Somerset House yesterday though for a few hours to check out the exhibition. Sometimes I wonder about my place at London Fashion Week. To use a phrase stolen from Super Kawaii Mama, I’m a Style Queen, not a Trend Hound. It bothers me not one jot if the world of fashion is all about the neons next season (as it appears it might be) as I don’t like them and will be unlikely to wear them. If I like something trendy, I will wear it, I’m not anti fashion, but I really don’t intend to start wearing my pants on my head just because Vogue saw it on the catwalk last season.

However, I like what I like, and what I like is vintage inspired style with a modern edge, pretty frocks, quirky jewellery, well made clothes and innovative ethical design. In that sense London Fashion Week is exactly where I need to be. Every time I go I see something new and gorgeous, and exposure to things I don’t like helps me refine my tastes.

I was lent an iPhone4 by Vodafone for London Fashion Week. They picked a very bad season to do this seeing as I didn’t see a single show, but you might have seen some of my tweets yesterday with the #vvip hashtag. I tweeted a few photos with the vastly improved iPhone4 camera.

Today I just thought I’d post a few snaps I took around the exhibition, and highlight a couple of things I really liked.

But first, through the courtyard of Somerset House. Where photographers, both amateur and professional, lurk in the shadows waiting to seize unsuspecting fashionistas and ask them where they got their clothes.

Then, onto the exhibition space itself.

As far as the exhibition went, very little caught my eye this season, but amongst those that did were Minna, Oxfam and Nina Dolcetti shoes in the estEthica exhibition, Les Nereides and Wilbur & Gussie in accessories, Stephen Jones gorgeous hats in the headonism exhibition and JPG for La Perla Lingerie.

Wilbur & Gussie

Gorgeous satin clutches with unusual fabrics and quirky fastenings. More jewellery than luggage.

Les Nereides

Quirky, beautifully detailed jewellery. The peanut family are by far and away my favourite jewellery, possibly ever.


Floaty vintage inspired chiffon dresses in neutral shades that make me want to spend most of next summer picnicking in a corn field. They look like vintage dresses photographed in sepia and bought to life.

Hand embellished and made from local, sustainable, organic or recycled fabrics.

John Paul Gaultier for La Perla

If you’re scared of bullet bras then look away now. This is vintage inspired lingerie for wearing into battle!