I’ve done reproduction vintage frocks, but today I have reproduction vintage jewellery!

I just couldn’t resist sharing this, as one of my favourite shops (and favourite ladies), Notorious Kitsch, has added some amazing new jewellery to her store.

Bakelite jewellery was incredibly popular in the 30s and 40s as economic conditions meant diamonds and pearls were out of the reach of many people. Bakelite was also easy to work into the kind of geometric designs that were popular in the art deco era and original pieces are highly collectible.

1930s Magazine cover showing ladies in Bakelite bangles

1941 Life Magazine cover showing a Bakelite brooch

You’ve probably seen lovely vintage bakelite jewellery on eBay selling for a fortune. Well Notorious Kitsch has sourced some amazing look-a-likes at a fraction of the cost so you can get the look without competing with collectors with seemingly endless supplies of money.

My personal favourite is this carved red bangle.

Carved Red Fakelite Bangle £25

Though the bangle is nothing if not teamed with these red earrings.

Red Fakelite Hoop Earrings £17.50

They remind me that Christmas is coming. Not so that someone will buy them for me, (though that would be nice) but because of the festive colour.

I want to wear them with my black 40s style dress, peep toe shoes, red lips, red nails and full on glamour hair.

The new range also includes a couple of cute brooches, a cowboy and a cherry and a butterscotch carved bangle. Clickety Click here to go see all the jewellery in her store. Stock is very limited at the moment, but more is on it’s way apparently as it’s been very popular!

P.s Notorious Kitsch once sent me a free rain hat, but I don’t think that qualifies this post as sponsored, I just really like this stuff!