My Christmas tights arrived!

After I wrote about Pamela Manns festive tights I was determined to get myself a pair. After much umming and aaahing I went for the Christmas Santa tights and I have to say I LOVE them. They’re more a dark grey background than black, so they’re subtle, as tights with Santa on them go.

I wore them out on Friday night to a Tweet Up in the Lawyer. It was a kind of unofficial Christmas Party for all of us poor self employed Norwich folk who don’t get office Christmas parties, and it came complete with free fizzy wine courtesy of The Lawyer and local wine company Naked Wines.

Thanks to dark evenings, the flash, being in a hurry and the weird angle Mr Chick was at in our tiny living room, the photos I took before I went out didn’t come out amazingly. I thought I ought to blog them anyway as lots of people have asked to see the Christmas tights! As you will see, wearing a wiggle skirt and gloves also  filled me with the urge to wiggle around like I’d morphed into Marilyn Monroe. Please accept my apologies, this really was the best photo I got!

❤ Christmas Necklace - DIY ❤ Jumper - Primark ❤ Skirt - Lady K Loves oh Gosh! ❤
❤ Tights - Pamela Mann ❤ Shoes - From a Charity Shop ❤ Gloves - 1960s vintage ❤
❤ Bag - 1940s vintage ❤ Belt - A gift in 1996! ❤

Just in case you didn’t believe me that this is the best photo, I provide outakes. Outakes where I’m looking at my feet, and blurry, badly focused outakes. Maybe I should only do daytime outfits till Spring?!

Also, unbelievably, that skirt ISN’T the normal Lady K Loves pencil skirt that you’ve seen a million times. It’s one of her new styles, the Oh Gosh! wiggle skirt. This skirt is MUCH slinkier than the regular pencil skirt and has a gorgeous flirty goring at the back. I haven’t been able to wear it up to now as it’s so slinky I can’t wear stockings with it, so Christmas tights were it’s perfect partner.

Want a closer look at tights and the back of the skirt? No? Tough!

So there you go, that was how I finally wore the Christmas tights!

Did you buy a pair? How would you wear them?