Do you make New Years Resolutions?

I don’t normally. The problem with New Years Resolutions is that you expect them to start on New Years Day, then you fail. January is a depressing enough month already without setting yourself up for failure before it’s even started.

This year, however, I do find myself making some, hmmm, lets call them “Resolutions for the Year Ahead” instead shall we? Last year I wrote about 5 resolutions you SHOULD make and some of those have crept into this years plans as well!

  • Spend more Money

Hows that for a first resolution? What I mean is that when I have some extra money I shouldn’t always end up spending it on trips to the pub, bottles of wine or food. I should spend it on things that I want, that I’ll keep or treasure and will make my every day life more pleasant. Even if it’s shoes.

  • Learn to Knit

I have no practical craft skills and it’s something I would like to learn. I’ve never been particularly crafty and I lack patience, so it could be a rocky ride! I was given a learn to knit DVD and book for Christmas, I have some steel knitting needles (though I’ve been advised that bamboo are easier) all I need is some wool and I hope to have a scarf by the end of February!

  • Buy a video camera

Then I can get back to doing video tutorials. I really enjoyed doing them but I don’t have a camera of good enough sound and video quality to make them worthwhile you watching! I have lots more hair tutorials I’d love to run, and I’ve been trying to film a liquid eyeliner one for months!

  • Re-discover my inner Princess

I guess what I mean is to look after myself more and follow my own advice from this post. I colour my hair and I pledge not to let the roots get more than a centimetre long, I pledge not to paint my nails and then leave it to chip and flake without removing it (guiltily hides nails) I pledge to take some time out every day to be quiet. To sit and read a book, look out of the window and drink a cup of tea from my vintage china. Sometimes life feels so hectic and we forget to take time to sit and take it all in.

  • Cook More

This is both a personal aim and a professional one. I’ve been meaning to start doing posts on one of the other big loves in my life, food, for some time. I hope to make this go along with my goal to lose a bit of weight and cook and bake some fabulous food but healthy food!

  • Organise Events

At some point this year I would love to get involved in organising vintage events of some kind. I’ve met some fabulous people that would love to be involved and Norwich has such a great burgeoning vintage scene it would be wonderful to be able to tap into that. I’ve always loved organising parties, decorating, deciding on food and seeing people enjoy themselves.

  • Set proper Goals

Retro Chick is my full time job. But I don’t have any clear strategy for it as a proper business anymore and I feel like I’ve lost my way a little. Alongside the organising of events I need to sit down and have a long hard think about how to turn Retro Chick from a fun place to yabber about vintage frocks and pretty hair into a sustainable business that will provide me with enough money to buy more pretty vintage frocks, but at the same time keep what I have now, which is, I hope, a fun place people like to visit with stuff they like to read!

  • Lose Weight

*Yawn* I know this is the biggest cliche resolution to make in the New Year but unfortunately it’s one I need to make. I’ve written about my battles with my weight before, and sadly since that post was written, or more accurately in the last 2 months of the year I’ve gained even more weight. I finished 2010 with a wardrobe of gorgeous vintage clothes that won’t fit and I feel bloated and unhappy.

Going back to weight watchers isn’t a practical option as these days I’m away a lot, and being away means lots of takeaways and eating out. I know full well the decisions I should make when eating, I just don’t. So for 2011 my goal isn’t just to lose that stone, it’s to get into a routine where I do some regular exercise and regularly make the sensible decisions when eating.

Well, there you have it!

Some are personal goals, some professional, and I don’t expect to have them all happen by the end of January, or even have started some of them by the end of January, but by next January I shall be a knitting, video making, slim and sylph like event organising dynamic Princess.

Have you made any resolutions this year?