I don’t often get political.

But today is a very important referendum (and local elections in some places).

Over the years people have died all over the world fighting for their right to have a say in the running of their country. Being a woman (no I am, really) I take this opportunity to mention the Suffragettes and post a drawing of some women in fabulous hats.

Last year over a third of people didn’t vote in the election, probably some of them had to work late, or got stuck in those queues that made the headlines. But rather a lot of people just didn’t bother, and that makes me a bit sad.

For the record I am voting “YES” to AV today. Not because I think it’s a perfect system, but because I think it’s a better solution that what we have now. Which is a situation in which the person in ultimate charge of the country was voted for by less than half of the people who expressed a preference.

Not that I expect you to listen to me. I don’t give a flying fig which way people vote. But I do care that they DO vote.

I promise I will be back tomorrow with pretty frocks. In fact, tomorrow I have some quite exciting pretty frocks.

Today, however, I’m on my soapbox! Just in case you’re not sure what AV is I have a lovely video where some Kittens explain it all for you. In fact, even if you completely understand AV I recommend you watch it anyway, as it’s hilarious.