That’s actually the opposite of how I’m feeling.

I like a nice bit of sunshine. Picnics by the river. Fanning yourself gently with a sun hat as you rest in the shade while someone brings you freshly squeezed lemonade. Sunny days that feel like these pictures look. Relaxed, a gentle breeze. Lovely.

Only that’s not actually what the weather’s been like. It’s overcast, occasionally rainy, and incredibly muggy and humid at times.

I don’t know if you are sharing my weather woes this week, but regardless, I thought a few tips for maintaining a cool, calm and collected exterior in humid weather would be quite timely in mid August. People go on holiday after all……

I’d also love to hear your tips for staying cool. I’m a terrible one for immediately turning into a mess of lank, clammy, shiny disgustingness the minute the humidity rises a few percent, so I want to hear any hidden secrets you have!


Humidity doesn’t agree with hair. Curly hair turns to frizz and straight hair turns lank and any attempt to curl it is destined to fail.

The obvious answer, an up do. Keeping your hair off your neck and face will also stop it getting sweaty and therefore convince people that you are really a cool and glamorous woman, utterly impervious to heat and humidity.

Suggestions are my own quick pin up do (which I did really badly in the video!) and Caseys Elegant Musings chic high bun. If you’ve got a bit more time and feel a little more glamorous then a curled “poodle” up do is ideal. (I don’t have a tutorial, but there’s one in the Style Me Vintage book I reviewed here). Even a pony tail can be glammed up with a hair flower and short hair can be pinned and slicked, just keep it off your face and neck.


  • Tumbling Curls – beautiful on models in photoshoots. On a humid day a recipe for sticky sweaty hell and / or completely straight hair by lunch time
  • Too much product – Essentially anything that needs a quarter ton of hair spray to hold it in place. It can melt and make your hair and scalp feel scummy.
  • Hats – Might seem like a good idea, and on a normal sunny day they may be. In humid weather you’ll find they make your forehead sweaty and your hair lank, leaving you stuck in an uncomfortable hat all day.

Make Up

Trying to look glamorous while sweat is cutting deep furrows through your foundation leaving different coloured rivulets is nigh on impossible. If your skin is up to it I recommend skipping foundation altogether and embracing your natural (ish) glow. Something like a mattifying primer (I currently use this No 7 Shine Free one), combined with a little powder and concealer will provide enough coverage for most people.

Swap powder formulations for liquids and tints. BeneFit Benetint is pricey, but goes a long way. It’s excellent for cheeks and can be used as a lip stain too. Heavy creamy textures can also melt more, you’ll find your lipstick can bleed, your eyeliner end up creating a shadow on your top lid and creeping under your eyes. Carry cotton buds and a mirror for emergency tidy ups or leave them out all together. If you favour a “vintage” look you can still look very vintage with no eyeliner and rose lipstick, it’s all about the hair and outfit. Remember, red is not the only colour…..

Carrying tissues or blotting papers is another good idea. They’ll remove shine without clogging up your skin or clumping up like powder can.

My final suggestion is a skin mist. I’ve been carrying Simple Kind to Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist (which, was sent to me by Simple!) I love the smell of it and find it nice and light and it drys quickly without leaving me shiny or my skin tacky. In the past I have also used Lush toners as facial sprays, Evian sprays, or just a mini spray bottle with water and a touch of essential oil. My favourites are the Lush toners and the Hydromist as they smell lovely!


  • Heavy, powdery formulations – They will clog as you sweat (sorry, as you *glow*) and clump up. They will also clog your pores and you will be spotty.
  • Eyeliner and lipstick running all over your face – Not attractive. Don’t wear it, or keep a close eye on it and clean it up. Adding a powder layer over cream can help stop this. Try patting powder eyeshadow over eyeliner, or dusting your lips with loose powder through a tissue.


It’s tempting to turn to a shapeless kaftan, but actually lots of glamorous clothes can be nice and cool. Jumpsuits, wide leg trousers, chic cotton dresses with short sleeves and crisp cotton blouses can all be lovely and cool.

A quick tip – Modern poly cotton blends crease less easily in humid weather and mean you don’t have to iron them but will still look fresh as a daisy. Sneaky.


  • Too tight busts and waists – High humidity can make you short of breath and if you can’t breath in your dress you’ll either panic or die. (maybe, you’ll definitely be uncomfortable though)
  • Synthetics – Anything with absolutely no “breathe” to it. Like pure 70s polyester. You’ll boil like boil in the bag rice, and then you and your lovely dress will stink.
  • Very high heels – and too tight shoes, and synthetic shoes with no stockings. You will have puffy, unattractive, achy feet. You’ll look way prettier in a nice low wedge sandal than you will hobbling home or barefoot. Trust me, I was that girl.

Final Tips

  • Drink lots of water – If you’re sweating, you’re loosing water and you’ll feel rubbish if you don’t replace.
  • Stay indoors – Find somewhere air conditioned, put on a fan and sit right in front of it, but stay out of the hottest parts of the day if you feasibly can.
  • Carry a hand fan – A proper paper one will make you feel quite glamorous and cool you down.
  • If you get really hot running the insides of your wrists under a cold tap can really help. Apparently the blood runs closer to the skin there and it cools you down from the inside (ick). This may be an old wives tale, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! I also find that patting cold water on the back of my neck and chest makes me feel cooler and fresher temporarily. If you’re not near a cold tap then try using a face mist on the back of your neck, behind your ears, on your wrists and chest.
  • Lighten up your skin care routine. Avoid heavy creams when it’s humid as they could contribute to blocking your pores. Keeping products in the fridge is very refreshing when you’re hot and bothered as well.
  • Last year I wrote some tips on Summer Skin Care. They’re still relevant. Go look!

Now I’ve finished wittering on, I hope that was somewhat useful!

What’s your best tip? Do you have some super secret key to staying glamorous in the heat and humidity?