Todays Lingerie Love isn’t about pretty fillies with lace trims and pretty patterns.

It’s about probably the most boring bra I own, but one of my favourites that deserves a mention. The Triumph Doreen.

I quite often rant about modern underwear. Often just to myself when I’m alone in shops. Sometimes it feels like lingerie has somehow become a fashion statement and it’s manufacturers have forgotten that it might be quite nice for it to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time as well as coming in polka dots and looking fancy in photographs.

Created in 1967, the Triumph Doreen is what can only be described as a granny bra, but it’s comfortable, supportive and gives a great retro shape under clothing.

The seaming gives a shape that’s slightly softer than a full on bullet bra, and therefore less scary to wear every day, but avoids the modern”in and up” shape that ends up with your boobs up round your ears!

You’ll find the Triumph Doreen in boxes in department stores, rather than hung up. My advice is to go in and try some on. The sizing is classic, which means I’m a very different size in it that I am when measured by somewhere like Bravissimo. It comes in sizes 32-46 B-G, but if you think you’re a 30H I really would recommend going and having a fitting!

Even better there is also a longline version. I love longline bras as they hold in any bulges around your torso area, but they are relatively hard to find. There are actually 2 lengths, a mid length and full longline bra, though at present only the classic and longline are available on the Triumph shop online.

The regular Doreen is £29 and the longline Doreen (next on my purchase list!) is £32. The longline version is harder to find in department stores, but once you have your size from the classic version it’s easier to order it online.

So that’s todays lingerie love. It’s not particularly sexy or pretty, but it’s comfortable to wear and makes your clothes look great.