Talk about Sunshine and Showers!

It appears that it is currently barely possible to make it to the corner shop and back without being alternately baked by the sun, drenched in rain, hammered with hail and blasted with icy winds.

I have a fondness for old 70s polyester frocks at this time of year. 70s does 40s style ones that come with long sleeves to protect from freezing rain, but pretty prints suitable for sunshine moments. You can also generally rely on there not being so many sunshine moments that the non breathability of polyester becomes a stinky issue, polyester is dead easy to fling in the washing machine anyway, and when I’m travelling they don’t screw up in my suitcase. It’s a much maligned wonder material really, apart from the whole boil in the bag feeling you get on sunny days.

Anyway, this is a dress I chose to go fleamarket shopping at the weekend.

❤ 70s Dress - Boot Fair ❤ Belt - M & S ❤ Shoes - Primark ❤ Silk Scarf - Vintage ❤

Flat shoes were in order for wandering round charity shops and fleamarkets, so out came the trusty ballet pumps. I put my hair up on Friday night, and despite sleeping in a hair net and scarf it had got a little disheveled over night, so I tied a scarf round my head (Like the first method on this post about how to wear a head scarf!)which hid the worst of the fluffy bits from view!

I do like the unmistakeably 70s wing collar on this dress. My lipstick is Besame Dusty Rose, which you can now buy through the Historical Sauces website.

I picked up a couple of brooches at the cloisters fleamarket.

A 1940s carved lucite brooch and an enamel owl, which probably isn’t very old at all but really appealed to me. He’ll go well with my other random enamel animal brooches, which includes a lobster and a parrot.

I also picked up a glass jug, painted with Lily of the Valley, which is my birth flower. The jug got it’s inaugeral use at The Historical Sauces Flicks n Lips mini masterclass on Sunday night where it was used to provide lemonade to our lovely guests. I didn’t take anywhere near enough photos during that, or the Sip and Shop afterwards, indeed not a single photo was taken that includes me as far as I can see, but I wore my Swagger joint dress from Pin Up Parade.

You can read more about the Flick n Lips and Sip and Shop over on The Historical Sauces blog. Should you fancy coming along to the next one, we’re repeating the experience on 27th May!