I am writing to you today from my sick-bed.

What started off as a bit of a cold on Friday has transformed itself into achy shoulders, a sore throat, no voice, a headache and sinuses stuffed with cotton wool.

I’m not generally a fan of breathing your germs all over people, but when you’re self-employed a bit of a cold isn’t generally an excuse to stay at home and watch TV. So on Friday night I went out to the Norwich Independent Network social, which is a networking group I run with 2 other girls. I didn’t drink much, but had a great, if tiring, night. Then on Saturday I spent the day in the launderette and getting boxes out of storage in the rain, before heading off to work at Bo Nanafana that evening. Again, no drinking, but a late night. I did do some rather natty black and silver eyeliner that night.

On Sunday I was due to run a 20s make up class with the Historical Sauces and, of course, our monthly Sip & Shop, but by that time I was sniffing, coughing and disgusting, so I had to help set up and go home to my bed. No one wants to be taught make up by someone that gross.

I was gutted as I love running the workshops, they’re such fun. So consider me a cautionary tale. Being self employed does not make you invincible, and soldiering on through doesn’t help anyone. If you’re ill, get some blooming rest!

So while I recover (and I hope it’s soon as tomorrow night I am in Birmingham to visit the Christmas Market) I thought I’d give you a heads up on this years Christmas Giveaway! I love doing a big giveaway at Christmas. It makes me feel like Santa and I think it’s a nice way to say thank you for all your support in things like sponsoring my run this year, voting for me in awards and all that gubbins! I asked on Facebook and the general consensus was that people prefered multiple smaller prizes with lots of chances to win something, rather than one humungous prize, so this year I am planning to run a full on advent competition. That’s 24 prizes, and after Christmas 24 winners.

So far I have some amazing prizes from Stop Staring, Heyday!, Drop Dead Chocs,Playful Promises, Hoxton Gin and The British Library, among others!

There will be a special newsletter, so you can get a daily email reminder when each new prize is added. If you want to sign up for it now, then pop your details in the form below! (NOTE: THE ADVENT CALENDAR CAN NOW BE FOUND HERE!)

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