Well, we’re a third of the way through.

Today I really thought might be the day I cracked and didn’t make it out. Long day, long drive, meeting a friend, big dinner and a pint of beer as I forgot about the running, then another hour drive home to find a light mist of freezing rain beginning to fall.

Then I heard on the radio that today is the day most people give up their resolutions and my bloody mindedness kicked in.


Only just over a mile again. I actually thought I’d like to run a bit further this evening. I was enjoying it, the air was cold and refreshing and I was going at quite a comfortable pace. However, what wasn’t so pleasant was the light mist of freezing rain, which by the half mile point was less a mist and more like running through a sprinkler.

Gemma Stats

I decided to turn around as I was worried not only for my face which was irritatingly covered in freezing water, but also for my expensive iPhone which, not expecting proper rain, I hadn’t got covered properly.

Still, I was amusingly soggy when I got home.


There’s nothing more attractive than a woman with water dripping off her nose.