Yay! It’s Friday! So what better than a speedy Friday night run in the freezing cold. Long leggings are definitely in order. I got these from TK Maxx, I have 2 pairs, now if it stays this cold I’ll doing a lot of washing.


Pace was a bit wobbly today, I thought I was going quite a pace, looked down at my iPhone and it said my pace was 10’53”, slightly confused I kept going at what felt like the same pace and when I finished my average pace was 9’22”, so who the hell knows what was going on.

Gemma Stats

Things I saw on todays run include a man in headphones who had no idea I was huffing and panting up behind him until I scared the living daylights out of him by squeezing past him on the narrow footpath, a pair of seriously terrifying dogs being walked by a woman who clung onto them for dear life as I ran past while they growled like the hounds of hell and 2 people who walked toward me side by side on a narrow path and saw no reason at all that they should even squeeze in a bit to let me past. One day I’m going to run headfast into someone just to annoy them while they try to force me into bushes.

Anyway, grumpy rant aside. It was another short one, but tomorrow I WILL do that 3 miles. I will, I will.


It’s friday night, so tonight I watched High Society and made myself a Stinger, as drunk in the film. It’s very minty.

I also ate chocolate fudge cake, in your face dieting, Friday doesn’t count (sadly that’s not true)