I met a friend for coffee in the morning, and then I came home and I actually found the time and motivation to go out for a decent run.

Today is ICY cold, so leaving the house was hard, but after that I love running in the cold. I wore gloves as my hands sometimes get a bit chilly, but otherwise I love the crisp cold air, it’s refreshing.


I swore that today I would take it SLOW as if I attempted the sort of pace I did on those little mile loops since the beginning of January then there was a distinct possibility that me and running were going to seriously fall out by the end of January. I wanted to really enjoy todays run and remember why I love it when it’s not an obligation.

The route I run regularly has a steep, long, hill on the way out, plus one smaller hill, the rest seems flat. On the way back it somehow manages to be almost entirely uphill apart from the long steep hill down. I have no idea how it manages this. My average pace over the 3.5 miles I ran was 9’46”, but my splits were 9’56” 9’43” 9’30”, so my “take it slow” philosophy seems to have worked as I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Gemma Stats

I also plugged in my iPhone today for a bit of Zombies! Run! action, which I haven’t done since the beginning of January.

I’d paused it part way through one of the 10k missions, and finished it off on todays run. I can only assume that the computerised voice telling you when you’ve collected items is in no way connected with the point you are at in the story. Towards the end of todays mission I hit a tense moment.





I’d rescued a Doctor who’d been working on research into the Zombie Plague. She’d been bitten in an organised attack on the facility and knew she didn’t have long left. She didn’t want to die there in the facility surrounded by Zombies, so we ran out to a secluded spot in the woods. There were trees, we could hear birds singing and a light breeze blowing.

There was a gun shot.

I held my breath.

Then a computerised voice said “collected a package of underpants”




I nearly had to stop running as I couldn’t breath for laughing.


Now I am home, I am making sausages and sweet potato mash for tea. I am also making gingerbread from ready made gingerbread mix. It’s like baking only easier.