The pavements were even clearer today, though the remaining ice was deceptively disguised as normal pavement.


I was already running late this morning and I have a rapidly approaching deadline for a travel piece on Norwich, so a mile and a half whip round the block twice was todays fulfilling of my “mile a day” promise I made myself.

Gemma Stats

While I was out it started snowing again, well, not quite snow, not quite hail, not quite sleet. Like little polystyrene balls. They bounced off my face and were light enough to inhale when you ran into them, which made it quite an adventure trying not to choke on snow.

You know, I stripped the red out of my hair in May, have bleached it twice and had 2 hair cuts, those orange bits at the front are annoying me now.


I have no idea what tonights dinner will be, but I have just eaten a huge bowl of broccoli and stilton soup for lunch, that was delicious. Thanks Mum.