Today I feel like sharing a little love.

So I thought I’d share 5 of the blogs I love to read (semi) regularly. I’m terrible at keeping up with blogs. I have a Google Reader that now is stuffed with so many blogs I don’t read and has so many unread blogs I daren’t look at it. I occasionally remember to go and look at my own blog roll and I catch some through social media, but I need a more organised way to keep up with my reading, especially as the time I have to devote to reading and commenting (which I confess to being terrible at) is often very limited. Blog Lovin’ has been suggested as a good alternative? Do you use it? How do you keep up with your favourite blogs?

By the way, these are by no means the only blogs I read, so don’t think I hate you if you’re not on the list!

Land Girl 1980


Land Girl 1980 is a vintage lifestyle and history blog with a very definite taste for World War II and the 1940s, and as can be infered from the name, particularly Land Girls.

Her blog is always a lovely read, she’s funny and there’s a good mix of personal posts, outfits and history from a blog with a very specific focus.

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Red Legs in Soho

Red Legs

Red Legs in Soho is a highly opinionated lifestyle blog with a vintage twist. Covering anything and everything that grabs the authors attention that week, from ageism on TV to restaurant reviews. The posts are wordy rather than picture heavy, but always contain a *little* bit of visual stimulation, which is just the way I like them, despite constantly reading blogging advice to include as few words as possibly in my posts as apparently no one who read the internet has an attention span longer than 10 seconds.

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Snoodlebug is a vintage lifestyle blog with more of a focus on fashion make up and hair. I particularly love her series of posts on different setting patterns. I’ve tried out a few myself in the past with varying degrees of success!

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Tuppence Ha’Penny


Tuppence Ha’Penny is a mid-century ish vintage fashion and style blog. She sews some of her own clothes, of which I am incredibly jealous, but also aware that I am far too impatient and lazy. She takes lovely outfit photos, designs her own fabric and I also love her posts on the history of various items of fashion apparel!

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Vintage-a-Peel is a blog by a vintage seller with a real passion and knowledge for 60s and 70s style. She posts the most amazing magazine scans. The 60s and 70s are decades I dabble in only occasionally, but if you’re looking for really stylish inspiration then this is the place to go!

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Do you read these blogs already?

Which are your favourite blogs, and how do you organise keeping up with them?