Having just sat in a car for 6 hours the first thing I normally think when I get to my house isn’t normally “lets go for a run”, it’s normally “where’s the beer?”

But today I came straight in, dumped my bags and went for a run round the block.


It was actually a perfect day for a run, sunny and warm but with a chilled breeze that was strong enough to ruffle my hair nicely, but not to make me feel like I was running into a wall made of jelly the whole way.

I was quite keen to get back to the beer, and my legs were a bit wobbly after 6 hours in a car, so I didn’t go far. I did a slightly different route today, one that avoids the hill that I normally have to almost climb up on my hands and knees to make it home.

But today I felt strong, happy and speedy. Which was borne out when I looked at my Nike+ stats when I got back.



9’04” mile, that’s more like it for a short run!

So I did a mile and a half, so I’ve added a bit on for yesterdays short mile, right?

Lets do a week one round up:

Miles Run: 9.07

Average Pace: 10’22”

Runs: 5

Swims: 1

Time on Roller Skates without falling over: 2 hours.

See how much happier I look today than yesterday.