I’m writing this one from my phone, so excuse the lack of beautiful formatting.

I pretty much feel like an idiot right now.

The stabbing pain that started on Saturday and got worse on Sunday had eased a little, though I could still feel it, so I decided to risk Roller Derby practice. I was really looking forward to it and convinced myself I’d take it easy.

We arrived at 7pm and 40 minutes later I was sat in a bench trying not to cry with an ice pack on my thigh.

I skated up and down for about 15 minutes, I could feel the ache, especially when I lifted my left leg, but hey, what could go wrong? Today’s coach asked us to do a couple of knee drops before we got to stretches, and as I went down on my left knee my thigh just exploded in pain. Unignorable pain.

So I limped off, was given an ice pack by someone and a Hello Kitty tissue to sort out my eyeliner by my friend and my day was over.


As of this morning I can barely walk as I can’t bend my leg, but Deep Heat and Deep Freeze which I was sent to try and haven’t yet got around to have become my new best friends (and the smell isn’t as bad as I remember from when I was a kid, in fact I quite like it) the Deep Freeze is a particular life saver as I’m travelling and don’t have an ice pack to hand. Though I did spend some time with a pack of frozen peas clasped to my thigh in the car.

So is my Juneathon over? Well, yes in the way I wanted to do it. I felt my exercise ought to be something that makes me out of breath, proper exercise. I might have got in 10 minutes of skating on day 10, but there’s no way I can run on this today, I can barely walk.

A little later I might try a plank, or some sit ups, still technically in the Juneathon rules, but not ideal.