You might have seen my new site We Want All the Dresses when I ran a competition to launch it last month.

Or you might have spotted the little “Vintage Inspired Dress of the Day” widget in my sidebar. Either way, there are a few gorgeous vintage inspired dresses from the High Street that I thought deserved a bit more attention this month and it would be unfair to deprive you of them if you haven’t spotted them in the sidebar so it’s time for a Friday Frock Love!

The High Street actually isn’t all that inspiring at the moment, but with a bit of hunting there are some hidden gems in amongst the too short, too tight, horrible prints that I seem to keep finding.

If you find any hidden gems on the High Street, then do let me know! I’m always on the hunt!

Black Baroque Jacquard Bodycon Midi Dress £19.99

I am a recent convert to body con, when I suddenly realised it was a way to buy fitted dresses on the High Street without the waist/hip ratio issue rearing it’s ugly head. Good quality, thick fabric and underwear without too many embellishments are essential, but if you get that right then they can be a dead ringer for a 1950s wiggle dress.

I love this one, the fabric looks good, and the print reminds me of an actual 50s wiggle dress I have in my wardrobe. It was pointed out to me that the print on the one in the picture is off centre, which you might find a bit distracting it does also come in red, and the print on that  colour isn’t off centre, so possibly they’re not all like that!

black jacquard body con dress

ASOS Wiggle Dress In Border Wallpaper Print £42 £29

I kept putting off ordering this as I wasn’t sure it would fit, and now it’s reduced to £29, but only in the smaller sizes *sob*.

I just love that colour and print, it’s so striking, and a good vintage inspired length too.

60s shift

Topshop Fluro 50s Style Pencil Dress £78

I believe the colour on this is much brighter than the picture, so probably not perfect for an authentic 50s look, but if you want a bit of a twist it’s a perfect shape, again, very similar to the 50s Kitty Copeland wiggle dress I own.

1950s style shift dress topshop

ASOS Purple Flower Bardot Midi Dress £85

How perfect is this dress? Good length, good fabric, good neckline. I’m waiting in hope that it will eventually go in the sale, and in my size as I’ve spent far too much on clothes recently.

purple 50s style dress

Phase Eight Lena Embroidered Dress £130

Another one I am desperately watching for a sale alert! I love the 40s Mexican feel of the embroidery on the bodice, but it’s certainly dressy enough for evening with that lace top. I’m imagining lots of red flowers in my hair and stacks of bangles.

black mexican dress


Which is your favourite?