Last year I bought a fancy diary.

2012 was the first year I ever bought a diary, it came from the pound shop, and at the end the year I decided I deserved better for 2013 and splashed out on a fancy Paperblanks diary.

me and diary

Now I’ve started carrying a diary I’m not sure how I managed without it, I normally love my tech under all other circumstances, but keeping my calendar on it was one thing that never worked for me. There’s something about being able to flick through the pages of a real diary that makes things stick in my head, and helps me visualise my schedule.

However, by the end of last year I had to carry 2 diaries around with me, or stuff bits of paper in the old one until I got home to the new one. This year I feel far more organised. Paperblanks spotted last years post, and they asked me if I wanted a new diary this year because they have a new 18 month day planner. I’ve had it a few months now, as it actually starts in July. Believe it or not 2014 was already starting to fill up and with nowhere to write it I was starting to worry about double booking myself. Initially I wrote a few things in it and left it at home, but from about now it’s starting to take up permanent residence in my handbag, and last years diary is being retired.

This time I opted for a different design. A little more sombre than last years jewel tones, the Shadow design is a silver filigree. Inside the back it says

“Intricacy and delicacy combine with repetition to create this silvered meditation on the nature of beauty. The art of filigree is a moving testament to the human drive to ornament in order to delight the eye and the spirit.”

paperblanks diary

I also opted for a slightly smaller size, to take up less handbag space. The paper in it is also slightly thinner, I guess to make up for the extra 6 months of space. It’s good to be busy, I like it, and the last year I have made more of an effort to make sure some of the entries in my diary were mere frivolous fun and totally not work related. It’s amazing how stretchy time can be, if you really want to do something, you’ll find the time. A year ago I’d never have thought I’d find the time to commit to something like Roller Derby as well as training for a Half Marathon, organising parties, writing for 4 blogs and several other publications and all the other things that I squish into my life, but I have found the time, thanks to some serious time planning with my diary, and there’s even been time in there for a few more random activities too.

So here’s me, a little less than a year later, blonder, with worse roots and less lipstick, planning a new year ahead with no idea what it will hold.

me and diary