Your Money or your life!

Well, Halloween is nearly here, my favourite totally pointless, no obligations or present buying holiday dedicated totally to being very silly and dressing up! Halloween parties, of course, are very rarely on the day itself when you’re a grown up, as everyone is at work, so this Saturday just gone was my excuse to dress up in a Halloween costume and drink more vodka than is strictly recommended.

A few weeks ago Plunkett & Macleanewas on TV and I became a little obsessed with creating a sort of steam punk, pop culture, rock n roll lady Highwayman outfit for Halloween.

I had very little money, so while I was lusting over fabulous steam punk leather corsets on Corsets UK, who have a cracking sale on, in the end I had to put together an outfit from things I had in my wardrobe. All I actually bought was the hat and pistol for under £10 on eBay. If you follow me on Instagram  or Facebook you got a sneak peek at part of the final outfit, but here are the full snaps we took before going out!


♠ White Top- eBay about 10 years ago ♠ Corset – Vollers ♠ Skirt – ASOS ♠
♠ Tights – Tights Please* ♠ Boots – ♠
♠ Brooch on skirt – Vintage ♠ Hat & Pistol – eBay ♠

The white top has been in my wardrobe for about 10 years, the corset is the top half of my wedding dress, the skirt is the one from this post, and the boots came from a rather wonderful website I have fallen in love with called Everything 5 Pounds. They’re still available as well, priced at, well, £5.

The corset is still done up loosely in these pictures. Corset tip for you all, wear it for a bit, then tighten it more, then wear it a bit more, and tighten it more. If you try and tighten it right up first off you may well panic and think you can’t breath. At least I do!

 Lady Highwayman

bootsI did not take any photos myself at the party, as I was rather devoted to drinking far too much vodka, which is a task that consumed much of my attention, until I walked home bare foot (4″ platform boots not that comfy to wear all evening, who knew?) and fell asleep on the sofa before being dragged off to bed by Mr Chick.

I can tell you the evening involved dancing, fireworks and some rather cracking decorating efforts from our lovely host.

I also spent much of the evening attempting to separate people from their valuables like this. Which mysteriously failed, possibly due to the rather obvious plastic nature of my pistol. Ho hum.

stand and deliverSo, did you go to any Halloween parties? Do you have any coming up next weekend?