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[hr] Yes, it’s advent calendar time again!

Regular readers might know I do one of these every year in the hope that someone will buy me one of them (often containing huge hints as to which particular one) and every year I don’t get one as they are sold out, or no one I know loves me enough to spend over £100 on an advent calendar (selfish.)

Still, I live in hope, and there are some amazing Advent Calendars out there!

(Hint: I am a big fan of Lebkuchen, Lego and Whisky)

The Religious One

Holy Night Advent Calendar £5.99

A Nativity scene and no chocolate. Just like the ones we used to have when we were little and deprived of chocolate.

Religious OneThe Beauty One

Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar £42

One for those who like painting their nails! 24 mini nail polishes, including some glitters and those caviar polishes that I think look like you have deformed finger nails, but other people love!

Ciate-mini-mani-month-2013-collectionThe White Chocolate One

White Chocolate Advent Calendar £12.50

This Hotel Chocolate calendar has a terribly grown up design, and is all white chocolate inside.

The Lego One

Christmas City Advent Calendar £19.99

Last year I had the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, but I couldn’t recognise or build half the characters. There’s not much chance of even me confusing a fireplace….

lego-city-advent-calendar-2013The One For People Who Can’t Eat Chocolate

Moo Free Advent Calendar £4.95

It’s dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, egg free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but it might have had nuts near it, so if that’s your problem you still need to look elsewhere.

dairy free advent calendarThe One With Biscuits

Lebkuchen Schmidt Advent Calendar £35.99

Another very grown up design, I think it’s obvious Advent Calendars aren’t just for kids any more. This one gives you a tasty spiced biscuit to eat with your morning coffee. Nom Nom.

Lebkuchen Advent CalendarThe Whisky One

Whisky Advent Calendar £149.95

Not cheap, but does contain lots of lovely whisky. Lots and lots of lovely whisky. There’s a gin version too.

whisky advent calendarThe One That Plays Music

Caspari Christmas Carousel £19.95

A 3D carousel that spins and plays music. Total gorgeousness.

christmas carouselThe Pop Up One

Yuletide Carolers Pop Up Advent Calendar £9.99

A cute calendar with pop up animals and surprises behind each door, including punch out decorations to embellish the pop up scene. The photo of this on the V&A website is rubbish and doesn’t really show the calendar, but I found the photo below on a site called Ray Marshall, who appears to be the man who made the pop ups!

Pop Up Calendar

The One With the Treasure Hunt

Chococo Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar £24.99

A little bag containing 24 numbered packets to hide around the house and hunt out the right number each day. I suspect you’d end up finding them all in the wrong order and then forget where you’d seen it when the day finally comes around.

advent treasure huntWhich is your favourite?