Recently I was contacted by Holland and Barratt to take part in a buddies campaign where we’d be given a budget to buy some goodies for a partner to try out. I like this kind of thing, I love the chance to try and find out about people and pick things that they’ll love, so I said yes.

After filling in a questionnaire about what sort of activities we took part in and what our goals were I was matched with Becca of Becca’s Fitness and Life as my “buddy” and tasked with picking a selection of products to help her achieve her goals.

After a few emails back and forwards it transpired that Becca was quite new to this whole eating well and exercising lark, where as I very much am not! So I set about reading her blog and picking out some products to help her embark on her new healthier lifestyle!

Here’s what I picked out.


Becca told me she liked to drink tea before bed, and thought maybe a decaffinated version would be better. Tea has lots of antioxidants, but as well as the decaffinated black version I thought she might like to try some herbal teas, so I picked out a Pukka Night Time tea for before bed and a tasty Green Tea Chai.



I could see Becca had been experimenting with overnight oats as she is short of time in the mornings. She’d been topping them with sultanas and raisins and golden syrup, not the healthiest choice and likely to lead to a mid morning blood sugar drop, so I chose her some agave syrup as a healthier alternative and some “Ultimate Berry Mix” which has blueberries and cranberries in it as well as raisins as an antioxidant packed alternative. She’d also making herself flavoured waters, so I picked some bottled lemon juice to make those waters quicker and easier.



If you’re starting out on a healthier lifestyle then often adding a good multi vitamin supplement is a good way to start. I got the impression from reading Beccas blog that she was still under 18, so a supplement specifically for young adults was the best way to go.


The Superfoods

It’s fun to experiment with the latest “buzz” products till you find out what works for you, so the last few things I picked are all the latest things to hit the headlines, or exciting superfoods to play with and see what works.

Coconut water is good for hydration post exercise and contains electrolytes to help balance you out, so I bought some Vita Coco with Pineapple in individual grab and go servings.

Matcha Green Tea is really good for you, packed with antioxidants and great for energy! You can drink it as a shot with water or juice, or mix it into smoothies (keep your eyes peeled next week as I have more news on Match tea!)

Chia Seeds, the latest superfood! They contains Omega 3, fibre and other goodies and because they don’t taste of much you can add them to soups, smoothies, porridge or anything else you fancy.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Another popular product right now, use it to cook with or as a beauty product on skin and hair, apparently although it’s a saturated fat it’s the *right kind* of saturated fat, so that’s ok.


The bundle is winging its way to Becca as I type and I can’t wait to find out what she thinks, and if any of the products are helpful towards her goals!