Probably as you read this I am doing something really fun.

I might be reading a book in the sunny garden with some Pimms, or by a rain spattered window with some spiked hot chocolate. Or perhaps I’m watching Poirot and drinking a Manhattan, a popular hobby of mine, or popping to the local pub for a pint, or perhaps doing something more energetic like going for a run, or doing yoga.

This could be me, lounging right now, not Rita Hayworth, oh no.


What I’m not doing is working.

That’s because I treated myself to some days off for my birthday, which was yesterday (I don’t mind if the presents and well wishes arrive late, really), so it’s actually possible that right now I look more like this.

1950s Stressed Woman In Striped Dress Hold Forehead With Hand

Therefore this weeks posts are all written and scheduled ahead of time.

So today I thought I would use the opportunity to tell you about The National Vintage Awards and remind you all to vote for me under the Best Fashion/Lifestyle blog category. Seriously, vote for me, go do it now, I promise nothing interesting will happen till you get back.




Did you do it? Ok, then we’ll continue.

The National Vintage Awards is in it’s second year. It popped up last year, and to be honest I was unsure about it. The structure was that you nominated yourself, and paid for it, rather than collecting public nominations and selecting a short list. I understand that this method of entering is actually common in industry awards but even so it made me a little uncomfortable, as did all the people feigning shock, delight and surprise about their “nominations” when voting opened. However, several brands and companies that I very much respected entered, so I voted, and the awards ceremony did look like fun!

This year I noted that they had a blog category. I didn’t enter, as I couldn’t afford to pay to enter a competition even if I wanted to! Blogging isn’t exactly the most lucrative business in the world, even if it is your business and most people only do it as a hobby.

I got a tweet from The Awards organisers asking me to enter myself, and I explained that I couldn’t pay, and also that the idea of paying for nominations made me uncomfortable. They replied that they hoped in future to obtain enough sponsors to scrap that method of funding, and that they completely understood about the blogging thing, so they’d made it free for that category.

So I thought, why not?

So here I am, now a contender in the “Best Vintage Fashion/Lifestyle Blog” category. There are some great other entries, some of whom I love dearly, but you should still totally vote for me! Did you do it already? No? Well then, go do it now! Clickity Click!


It seems the top 3 in the category will be the shortlist when the public votes end on the 31st May, and they will be invited to the awards ceremony. From that list the winner will be selected by a panel. I have little hopes for a trophy in this one as some of the criteria include “Authenticity” and “Representation of the Vintage Community” and as a girl with bright pink hair and a fondness for comic book prints and lycra I’m not sure I’ll make the grade, still I would very much like to go to the awards ceremony as there will be some lovely people I know there, and I have a corset to wear that’s just being dying for a really great place to have an outing!

Last time I checked I was in third place, but it’s all *very* close, so your vote would be appreciated! Just pop over to The National Vintage Awards, scroll down to the Blog category, click it, choose Retro Chick and enter your email, that’s all! You won’t even be spammed to death!

Blogging can sometimes feel a bit thankless, it can be harder work than it looks, and it’s a bit depressing sometimes to see a post get 300 views and only 2 comments, or maybe 20 clicks on a link. I do it because I love it. There’s probably things I could do with my time that would make me more money for the effort, but I like writing, and I love the interaction with people who read it. I love getting emails and comments, even if sometimes I don’t get the chance to reply because WAAAAH, EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS CRAZY BUSY! So, you know, if you like reading this blog just a teeny bit, but maybe you’ve never commented, then just spare a few seconds to click that button and imagine the warm glow that I feel every time someone votes.

There are some lovely friends of mine in other categories too, so once you’ve voted for me (do that first so you don’t get bored!) then maybe check some of them out! Bettylicious and Heyday! are standing for Best Online Vintage Shop – Fashion & Accessories, Sailor Cherry for Best Pin Up Model, Betsy Hatter, The Fabulous Miss K and Heyday! are all nominees in the Best Vintage Reproduction category and Southern Retro under Best Photographer (sorry if I missed anyone, the nominees have all disappeared as I have already voted!)

You can also buy tickets for the awards if you want to come along!

Now, I know that a lot of you will have managed to make it this far and STILL not have voted, so if it helps sway you then here’s an interview with me in which I promise to buy you ice cream if you vote for me. Just keep a screen grab as proof and I’ll buy you a 99.

Well, that’s enough wittering for today. I hope I’m having fun, where ever I am today! Keep your eyes peeled as there’s a corker of a competition starting Friday, and then I’ll be back Monday to bore you with photos of what I did while I was off!