Winter is lovely, especially up to Christmas.

All twinkly lights and cosy fires and candles. It makes for beautiful photos of things like mugs of hot chocolate and rain slicked streets. What it does not make for is lovely outfit posts. I have a fairly fancy camera, but while I can take some lovely atmospheric shots in low light, what is beyond my equipment and my ability is a decent clear outfit photo.

In the Summer I get glammed up for a night out and skip out and take lovely photos on the walk to wherever I’m going. In the winter, not so much (especially as aforementioned fancy camera has a broken flash) So today I am trying on my outfit for this evening in advance to take day light photos. I was trying it on anyway, I just added more lipstick! I would go outside, but frankly it’s cold and I can’t be bothered, so today it’s me, a tripod and a remote control in my living room. Sorry!

pretty dress co

♥ Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Co. ♥ Necklace c/o Vanilla Norwich
♥ Belt & Brooch – Vintage ♥ Shoes – Dune* ♥

First up, lets get this out the way. I had a hair cut! This time I went for a fringe, and I really like it! I can’t wait to try setting it and seeing how it comes out with curls.

Still trying out that “surprised” pose.


Also lets clear up that ankle strapping. It’s just a bit of extra support I put on for my previously undamaged ankle for Roller Derby practice last night. I hurt it, not seriously, but just a twinge, falling off the monkey bars doing circuits. Oh yes, MONKEY BARS. Honestly my grip strength is so pathetic that I’m honestly surprised I can manage to hang onto a cocktail glass. I also seemingly have ankles of glass. Wherever all that muscle I’m building is it isn’t in my ankles or wrists. It must be somewhere though as this morning the Nurse made me get on the scales twice as she couldn’t believe how much I weighed and thought she must have read it wrong. I feel strangely proud.

It occurs to me now that I come to post these photographs that I might possibly be horribly overdressed for tonight’s proposed activities which include going to the pub, a smart City Centre pub with cocktails, but a pub nonetheless.

It’s possible that this outfit might be more appropriate to an elegant restaurant or a smart cocktail party? But then I haven’t been invited to go to one of those. I am one of life’s perennial over dressers and if I can play Roller Derby in red lipstick I can go to the pub in excessively glamorous jewellery and leopard print stilettos. Right?

swing dress

The dress is my second one from The Pretty Dress Co and I really do love them. They’re made of that thick stretchy stuff that holds you in in all the right places and has enough structure to look good on a full skirt, whilst also being stretchy enough to accommodate a large dinner!

The excessively glamorous necklace was a gift from a local boutique called Vanilla. It came in a goodie bag at an event run by The Sunday Beauty School and they picked it out for me especially. Vanilla isn’t typically a “vintage” style boutique, so I loved that they’d thought about what I might like rather than just dishing out a generic item to each person.

The brooch came from an antique market in Scotland, and it’s one that I can’t resist pulling out to wear every time I wear something leopard print, even though it’s actually a Tiger. Ah well!

You might notice I am wearing no necklace and some weird tassel has appeared, that’s because I tried out the outfit with these amazing earrings from Abilu Creations, but I think everyone on Facebook was right and they really need to be worn with hair up to show them off, so they’ll be an outfit for another time!


leopard shoes

So, while I brace myself for comments from everyone telling me they like my fireplace, which invariably happens whenever I take photos in front of it (it’s about ME AND THE FROCK PEOPLE!)

I shall sign off by reminding you to pop over and enter the Advent Giveaway! The first 5 doors are now open and have some cracking prizes, including a Lenovo tablet that drove everyone nuts and nearly crashed my website on Monday!

And one last photo of me twirling. Because this is a dress that needs twirling. Is it too much for the pub? Do I need people to invite me to nicer places?