By Lady Lipstick

This morning I took my coughing and spluttering self off to the Doctors Surgery for an Asthma review. I considered cancelling it because of my cold, but having seen no improvement in the few weeks before lurgy hit I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. On arrival she got the peak flow meter out, I obligingly did a few big puffs into it and said “that doesn’t look too bad considering I have a cold” and the nurse gave me a stern and worried look and said “it’s dropped a lot”.

So that was a good start. The upshot of the appointment was that I am now on a long acting reliever inhaler in the hope that it will kick these breathing issues into touch once and for all.

In a fit of New Year introspection I went back and looked through my Janathon 2013 posts, and honestly it really bought home with a bump just how much fitness I have lost over 2014. I was astonished to see my average pace for Janathon 2013 was about 9’30” miles, and that included some times when I was running on sheet ice! Throughout the whole of 2013 my average pace was around the 10 minute mile mark, only dropping a bit lower when I started Half Marathon training. Then 2014 started with *that* cold and chest infection and blah, blah, blah all my other hideous woes that I won’t bore you with again and I’ve barely broken the 10’30” mile since.

So peak flow or no peak flow I decided to head out today and run around the block as fast as I could to see how I was doing in comparison.

That photo was taken post run, and to be honest I think the light must be very flattering today because …read more

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